Hamburger Garneleh rebloggt: Istanbul: Becoming People

Eine kurze Beschreibung von Medien-Theoretiker Jussi Parikka, dem ich auf Twitter folge. Gut an dem Text finde ich, wie Jussi die Entwicklung der Bewegung in den ersten Tagen beschreibt: An Tag 1 waen wir die Terroristen, an Tag 2 waren wir die Provokateure, an Tag 3 waren wir die Protestierenden, an Tag 4 waren wir das Volk.


No smoke without fire, although with the tear gassed Istanbul, Ankara and numerous other cities, one should say: no smoke without tears.

While things are unfolding on the streets of Turkey, the international audience of the events are trying to figure out: what is going on. Who are the demonstrators? Hence, kicks in the usual suspects of repertoire of explanations: is this like Occupy Wall St.? Is this the Turkish version of Arab Spring? Are the demonstrators a vocal minority, and we are just misperceiving lots of social media traffic as a major event?

Perhaps the question itself should be differently posed. There are lots of great commentaries floating around, longer texts with already now some excellent contexts of the events. Some of it suggests in a rather good way that we need alternatives than just choosing one existing model of explanation.

Perhaps what is unfolding in front of the…

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